A couple of days ago I injured one of my costochrondal joints doing a clean (first rep of first set of the day). Apparently I didn't warm up enough and had poor form. I was also trying out a new kettlebell (10# heavier).

Shortly after our workout and for the rest of the day, I could hardly breathe without pain. After some reading about it, I was convinced it was going to take several months or up to a year for me to heal.

Today, I did my workout as scheduled. I feel mostly fine, amazed at my body's ability to heal itself.

I learned some important lessons about form, warming up, going heavy, and getting old.

Light day:
- 4x50 kettlebell swings
- 3x16 kettlebell deadlifts
- 3x20 military press
- 2x(4,5,6) pull ups
- 2x(8,10,12) push ups

Incorporating ladders into today's workout routine:
- 3x(1,2,3) KB clean & press
- 3x(1,2,3) KB one-arm row
- 3x(1,2,3) KB snatch
- 1x(1,2,3) KB clean-to-lunge
- 1x10 curtsy lunge
- 3x(2,4,6) dips on rings

Today's exercises:
- Dynamic stretches
- 6x Uphill sprints
- 3x KB clean & press
- 3x KB snatch
- 3x KB swings

Exercises of the day:
- KB (Kettlebell) swings
- Bodyweight curtsy lunges
- KB walking lunges
- KB military press
- KB suitcase deadlift
- Medicine ball slams (kids)
- Sledgehammer swings (me)

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