Huh, Scott Alexander is apparently clearly right-wing now. This has been brewing for a while, but I thought it would take longer. I wonder how long will it be still worthwhile to keep reading him.

@timorl I was suspicious that even when SSC was nominally welcoming to all, and you got clear fash on the comment threads, the group that didn’t seem to show up were marxists. He admitted it too in a few posts. Maybe better political instincts? Still like his writing formally but find it hard to trust the content.

@modulux I remember there was 1 (literally one) marxist in the comment sections, and I believe they got banned eventually – the banning itself might have been justified, I don't know –which pretty much confirms your point.

Eh, I definitely should eventually write down my anti-capitalist interpretation/review of "Inadequate Equilibria", maybe that would help a bit...

@timorl Hmmm, I've been very sporadic in reading his stuff ever since he moved to Substack, seems like a lot has happened since then.

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