Really stressed about this phone interview tomorrow. Particularly with the “excellent communication skills” and “excellent teamwork” requirement. The tech skills, however, are fairly low: Java, jelly script, html. I’m nonetheless not sure I know how to “design conceptual and working models to ensure consistency in architecture and design/code practice”

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@togs We need to understand and translate the HR / Management Speak to plain English, and try to see what you can do to satisfy them. All of the musings below are my own, maybe others can opine and suggest others, correct any errors.

- Excellent communication skills, fair enough to ask, you need to speak the working language well, write it well, at a professional level.

- it can also mean that you can handle interpersonal dialogue, have a decent temper and can accept criticism without undue stress.

- Excellent team work : you can work and communicate with upper level and colleagues. You can take on tasks on a collaboration and push to make deadlines.

Criticism is handled with humility and poise.

Tech skills and the gibberish on design : uhm, that is tougher.

Conceptual - the beginning of a project, abstract level, architecture.

working model: rough and ready test code to demonstrate or evaluate a concept.

"Consistency in architecture and design/code practice"

I imagine this means you can identify the common practices at the company and work within their guidelines. Be them in conceptual level, structure or code formatting and organization at the editor formatting, indentation, etc.

Please not that I am not a grad or practitioner in comp sci or engineering. I might be wrong, but a good approach to a large problem is to chew it, one Byte at a time. 😉

Good luck tomorrow, Duncan!

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