This is either an injury law firm or the world’s most aggressive therapists.

Me, first thing in the morning: So, if you were going to open a fantasy bookstore, you could call it Brick & Mordor.

@htdrake, without missing a beat: But nobody would want to go there! You don't just walk into Mordor.

Bygones Torquay

Bygones is a must-see attraction for visitors to St Marychurch and Torquay. Walk freely through a wide variety of interactive displays and over 2000 genuine artifacts from yesteryear!

Tessier Gardens, Torquay, Photo showing flowerbeds and pathways.

🗺️ A kingdom for a map.

If you ever had your phone battery die or the signal vanish (without downloading the digital map first), you'll probably agree that the best way to orient yourself is with a map + compass.

Many trails here are not well sign-posted, and rawer than people expect – having a map of the territory + 🧭 compass (and knowing how to use it!) will make a big difference.

Highly recommended 😉

Some maps that I collected from various official sources are available for download (free) on my website (best viewed on desktop):

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So apparently many are not aware that we have bears in Italy.

Actually, we have two different kinds of bears: the European brown bear in Northern Italy (around Trentino) and about 30-50 rare Marsican Brown Bears (a subspecies of the European Brown Bear, at risk of extinction).

They have the same origins as their cousin, the North American Grizzly – although there are some differences in food preference, size, weight, and population size.

Most Marsican Brown bears are found in and around Abruzzo, a region in Central Italy.

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Flowers at the Fuji Motosuko Resort in Fujikawaguchiko
Fuji Motosuko Resort is a resort located in Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture, at the foot of Mount Fuji.
Fuji Shibazakura(moss phlox) Festival held in the spring is especially famous, attracting many visitors from Japan and abroad to enjoy the view of both Mount Fuji and Shibazakura all over the area.
Author: IG: cocolocala

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