@vim What is the smallest config change in Vim that’s had the biggest impact for you? For me it was reassigning ; (semicolon) to be the same as : (colon), making command mode that much easier to access.
(Second biggest is map - :up<CR>)


@digital_carver @vim

:noremap! kj <ESC>

There's simply no other way.

@torresjrjr @vim I came across that too late in my Vim journey to get used to it, but CapsLock is easy enough to reach with my left pinkie. I've gotten used to Capslock-as-Esc even on an OS level, my actual Esc key is barely touched ever.

@digital_carver @vim I always make portability a principle for most things, especially with vim since I frequently git clone my vimrc onto foreign machines. So OS level mods are out of the question for me.

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