vaccination works and is a sensible thing to do.

that said: being suspicious of big pharma just pushing out something untested isn't anti-vaccination, it's the result of decades of big pharma fucking (pandemrix) and covering up (see thalidomide). if it would be more or less the nation who develops it, like with the cuban vaccine, there at least wouldn't be monetary incentives for hiding things. in effect just saying "welp, happens" e.g. for the swine flu vaccination causing narcolepsy isn't reassuring either.

the most unsettling thing is that the pro-side is unscientific in their communications. it's almost like teleshopping now, "haha, you won't grow another limb!". that's what people make them feel taken serious in their doubts about a rushed new technology vaccine.


@bonifartius On the other hand, large institutions like EMA (in Europe) aren't just going to approve something out of the blue. Of course they've checked and rechecked before they'll approve anything.

We, the people not in the medical field, have to trust those large bodies to do the research for us. Chances are more than likely that the medicine is less deadly than the actual virus itself.

Can something go wrong with this and end up harming us? Absolutely. It could.

The difference is, the virus will certainly try and is already here to do just that.

@trinsec i guess i'm just frustrated by a combination of big pharma being in for the money and people just ignoring the mask&distance rules without real consequences. no need for rushed vaccines if people would've cared. some weeks complete lockdown helps massively. now we are stuck here with a potpourri of rules which aren't really helping, waiting for the deus-ex machinae vaccine.

tl;dr i'm angry about everyone and everything and just venting here 😉

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