I'm not dead. I'm delving into the arcane arts that is LUA in order to be able to auto-craft with Create's Mechanical Crafters.

Stupid things.

*Lightning crackles in the background and cackling can be heard* HAHAHAHAHA! IT WORKS! IT WORKS!! THE GRID GETS POPULATED AUTOMATICALLY!!!

Now to go make a touchscreen interface so you can easily click which recipe you want to have crafted. :P

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@trinsec There are probably worst things to waste your time on honestly... minecraft is cool, havent played it in a bit though.

@freemo If I have to point out a game that's the best bang for buck, it would be Minecraft. Hands down. No contest. No-brainer. Absolutely and definitely. Supremely so if it's modded. Totally not true if it is vanilla. :D

We tend to play huge modpacks with a lot of tech and magical tech or technical magic mods. Anything that can be automated, we will automate. :D

@trinsec I dont mind vanilla minecraft at all, it means you have to get more creative to automate. More fun and more of a challenge IMO. Vanilla minecraft lets you do some super advanced stuff but you have to figure out how to do it with some pretty primitive tools. I have, using vanilla minecraft, automated just about every aspect of the game before.

@freemo Sure, but vanilla doesn't have the cool tech and magic elements, and I would miss that immensively. Plus we usually play the 'Expert' versions of those modpacks, which is annoyingly... difficult.

The modpack creator will have mixed the recipes up so that you need Mod X for Mod Y's item.. but to make Mod X you need Mod Z to be able to do that. But hey, before you can craft that thing from Mod Z, you have to prepare up some sort of altar and do sacrifices in Mod A.

The amount of times I've lost track is countless. 'Ok, now I've made this altar and I've gotten this resource.. errrrrrrr.... why did I need this again?!'

But we love to be severely punished like that somehow. Don't ask me why, because me and my core Minecrafting buddies complain about this daily and exclaim 'This is bullshit' and yet we keep on playing.

We must be insane.

@trinsec Certainly sounds fun with the mods in its own right.

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