Since I'm kinda in a gaming funk (just too tired) I've decided to try out a new Minecraft modpack instead. At the moment I'm trying to figure out how SkyFactory 4 works, seems cool so far. A skyblock-style modpack but without Ex Nihilo, means likely no sieving for resources. That's a nice change as Ex Nihilo tends to become exceedingly grindy. Nice if you can automate it, but it's still grindy.

At the map generation menu there were a gajillion different map styles possible, some of which made me laugh. Like, a tree on a block of dirt, in the middle of a hollow glass cube... surrounded by lava. Or even ender fluid, yeah, good luck expanding your base! :D

For now I've gone with the SkyFactory Tutorial map, for a bit an easier start while I'm figuring things out. I've noticed that each map has the option for prestige unlocking, which is interesting. Haven't seen meta-progressing in Minecraft like this before, since prestige is unlocked globally for every map that's got prestige enabled. The prestige rewards definitely are interesting as they enable getting a Hopper Bonsai (useful!) or even Ore Excavation (definitely useful!). I'll just have to figure out first how to gain prestige points.

Hopefully going to have a relaxing Saturday afternoon with this.

Dunno if you have steam, but have you checked out SplitGate,?

@lucifargundam I've taken a peek at it but FPS-games aren't for me. I'm not really one for fast paced action games, least of all FPS and PvP.

How about The Talos Principle or Terrorhedron? Refunct? Not The Robots?

@lucifargundam The Talos Principle I've played before, am about... 1/4-way into the game I think. I could probably continue playing it someday.

Terrorhedron, isn't that the tower defense game where you could place turrets in various angles? That's cool, I suppose I could continue playing that one too someday. Just got a bit sick of tower defenses at that time, can never keep up playing this type of game for too long as it's usually just grindy and repetitive.

Refunct seems to be in my ignore list. One of the player tags was 'Parkour', and that kind of genre is not really my type of game.

Not The Robots I've played a bit. It's just exceedingly silly.. a robot eating furniture. :P C'mon...

I get the 'ill get back to it later' feeling. I have my fair share.

Refunct is parkour yes- but not in the assassin's Creed way. It's a puzzle game where you have to reach checkpoints by overcoming obstacles in a number of ways. Achievements include time elapse and with minimal surface contact.

Not the robots is cute in surface concept- hard in gameplay. Again, another puzzle game that gets harder over time and with harder achievements imo.

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