Apparently doesnt own the trademark but is using it anyway... I really hope this ends with them looking like a fool.

@freemo I've read that this claim is sketchy, like this domain was only created 3 days ago or something. So I'm kinda taking this with a grain of salt.

@freemo Isn't it then kind of dangerous to spread this image without being sure whether this is correct?

@trinsec Not really, why would it be? it is just a copy of the site. So it clearly isnt a fabrication in terms of meta having written it.

Also I checked the whois and has been registered by the same person for a while now since 2014-03-18 00:49:06 UTC


@freemo Oh I'm sure meta company wrote this, in fact that's their whole site. Only, is their claim true? Our is this sensationalist clickbait from them? There's not much to go by.

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@trinsec Who knows. But I am not liable for if they make shit up. I am just sharing their claim, and they at a minimum have the domain since 2014 so seems reasonable they are telling the truth. Beyond that its not my responsibility to play detective.

Taking it with a grain of salt is of course a good move, im doing the same.

@freemo Yup, that kind of sketchiness. I couldn't care any bit about meta company in this case.

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