One of my fave screencaps right here. These are ANSI art avatars used on Fidonet - the text-based BBS network.


@PsychoCod3r Ahh Fidonet. I was a point there a long time ago. I miss those echomail networks.

Was on some local echomail networks as well, had a lot of fun!

But where on Fidonet would those avatars be used? I see this screencap is from The DUNGEON BBS, that's a BBS, not Fidonet itself?

I was using SyncTERM. The bar at the bottom shows whatever BBS you're logged into at the time. I was accessing the Fidonet interface on that BBS. This particular interface gives you the option to use an avatar for all your Fidonet messages.

@PsychoCod3r Interesting. I've used uhhh... wow that's a long time ago, trying to remember all those names here...

I used FrontDoor as a mailer and a front-end for picking up calls as well for a BBS I used to run back then. That handled my mails from Fidonet, and some local networks...

My BBS had a fancy editor that my users could use to write messages to the networks, the name uhh... don't recall, but it was a nice fullscreen editor.

And then I used some external editor as well for myself to be able to write all those mails.

But none of them ever showed avatars, so that's interesting.

BBS's have become somewhat modernized in recent years, though they still have the same look and feel of the 90's.

@PsychoCod3r Yeah, I've stopped keeping track since 1999 or so. My study in a foreign country made that I couldn't manage my BBS at home anymore and then I switched over to the big internet which has kept me occupied ever since.

Still sometimes have a bit of nostalgia to the good ol' BBS times.

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