Oh jeez, this anime series The Way of the Househusband is just outright silly.

The volleyball competition was great though.

@trinsec How dare you refer to the Immortal Dragon Tatsu's anime in such a derogatory manner! I'm sure he'll put your body in a oil can and throw you in the sea for that one pal!

@johnabs Oh noes, do I really need to learn how to cook something in oil?!

@trinsec It depends, are you a house husband? If so, probably xD

@johnabs *Throws a crepe in your face* YOU KNOW WHAT THIS CALLS FOR?!

@trinsec Yeah, I'm a house husband, you're a crepe slinger. I know what our battle is *STARTS FURIOUSLY COOKING A DESSERT*.

@johnabs *Starts mixing various sweet stuff in a bowl like a madlad.* THIS WILL NOT END WELL!

@trinsec That's it, we'll let INSTANTGRAM(tm) decide our fate! *photographs furiously*

@johnabs *Puts the overly filled dessert in a fancy bowl. Photographs the dessert from every angle imaginable. One of the scenes even involves precariously balancing on top of the Eiffel Tower for a better shot. The Eiffel Tower was upside down too.*

@johnabs Do... Do I see one Like more than you?! *Slumps against some random wall, exhausted*

@trinsec Just watched the trailer, and I'm wondering how I could miss this anime last year!

@codewiz Ah bummer. Yeah, I was just watching something random on Netflix and this drew my attention. It's hilarious in a way.

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