Isle of Dogs was a weird movie but somehow it did manage that I fully watched it (although spread over a long period, 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there... Might've been a couple months?)

It's a stop motion animation that's just... absolutely bizarre. Dogs got some sort of flu, so they're banned to a trash island. There are people who want their dogs back and start an opposition against the evil mayor.

The son of the mayor misses his dog, so he hijacked a small plane and flew over to trash island to search for his own dog, Spot. He encounters a ragtag band of dogs and then travels with them to where they think Spot might be hiding at.

This story, together with the art style used, made the whole movie feel pretty alien to me. It was entertaining in a weird way.

@Pat Not really. What I described is what you'll see pretty soon enough into the movie. I was careful about that.

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