Omfg, why does the handyman keep borrowing stuff from our office while the stock room is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!

I had to fetch our scissors back... and he claims he got it from another room. Nope, nope nope nope. I SAW him getting those very scissors from our office, so nope. Not falling for that one.

I said next time I'll install cameras! He said next time he'll not order cocoa powder!

Pfft. ;)

Power is: having all the tools to do your job but still stealing stuff from those fucking office workers

@rastinza Hahahahaha, yeah probably what he thought. :P

To be fair.. we do steal/borrow some tools from him too! XD

@trinsec Just tie a long piece of fishing wire to the scissors and tie the other end to a table leg. See how far he gets away with them then.

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