Giant Bike store: 150 euro to replace both tires.

Independent bike repair guy around the corner: 75 euro.

Yeah, I know where I'll bring my bike to tomorrow. :P

The funny thing is that the store owner of the Giant Bike store was like 'We take our bike repair very seriously.'

Sure, but the independent bike repair guy wouldn't be in business for very long if he didn't take his business seriously either. :P

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This guy takes his bike _purchase_ very seriously. He rode it from the factory in China to the UK

@inspired Heh, that's insane. He just wanted to have a giant holiday and work for it. ;)

It’s easy to replace tires, why pay someone to do that? I do mine every spring, and ride a Giant too. 😉

@marathon0 I’ve not done anything with tires since my teens. Can’t be bothered and the tires will be almost as expensive anyway. Convenience is king.

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