I've finished binging Community (when will there be a movie?!). Any suggestions what next to watch on Netflix? I'd like it to be lighthearted, amusing, and yet witty. I've already finished Brooklyn 99 prior.


The Good Place

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (a light comedy with the darkest premise since Hogan's Heroes)

@peterdrake Funny, I was actually contemplating rewatching The Good Place. It's just hilarious and might be long enough ago that I can go watch it again.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt I've watched a bunch of episodes before, couldn't quite lure me in. Maybe that I'll try it again in a few months. Somehow I felt it was a bit over the top.

@trinsec They're not on Netflix per se, but Parks and Recreation and Ted Lasso are also in this vein.

Slightly farther afield:

How I Met Your Mother

Star Trek: Lower Decks

@peterdrake How I Met Your Mother I've seen on TV, it's nice but not worth a binge to me. Saw the ending and all that too.

Lower Decks is on Paramount I understand, that'll have to wait as it's not really an option now. Unless I go the old not-so-legit route, haven't done that in ages.

The first 2 you mentioned I don't know anything about. But I'll limit myself to Netflix for the time being.

@trinsec You may be able to get some of these without a subscription from Amazon, either streaming or on DVD.

@peterdrake @trinsec

The Good Place. Seconded. I was going to recommend and then saw you got it covered.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Not quite in the same vein but I'm liking it. Has K-drama elements so you've been warned.

Bojack Horseman. I wouldn't quite call it lighthearted but definitely amusing and witty.

And that's my first Mastodon post. Clicked Ctrl-Enter by accident so I guess we'll leave it there.

@inspired @peterdrake

I can appreciate a bit of K-drama at times, so I've added Extraordinary Attorney Woo to my watchlist.

Bojack Horseman I've seen a few episodes of. It's alright, more the kind you'd maybe watch terribly late at night when you're bored out of your skull. I try to adhere to saner bedtimes. ;)
I liked 'Close Enough' a bit more.

Currently into Season 2 of The Good Place. Season 1 was a little bit boring because I knew the outcome already (it's one of those moments where you wish you'd never seen it so you can be amazingly surprised again). But Season 2 is definitely picking up the pace that's still fun in a rewatch.

Just lost HBO Max but will probably re-subscribe later so I'll check out Close Enough then.

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