Is there any way to see what instances are blacklisted by an instance?

@anson Instances used to put it on their about pages. Not sure if they still do, or just some do.

@obi Was also just worried about that being out of date

@anson Yeah, I’ve never seen it anywhere in any instance settings or anything.


@obi @anson The instances usually would indeed put it on their about page, and that’s automatic, so should be uptodate.

The instances NOT showing their blocklists at all… now that’s kinda a red flag since chances are the blocklist is so huge they hide it to not scare away the users. That’s the take we have anyway.

@trinsec @obi I guess I could see it potentially being used for abuse / too much blocking, but I’m surprised there’s not an API endpoint or something that exposes a servers Blocklist.

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