Woot woot! ceoln.wordpress.com/2022/11/26

I weblogged! Basically about all the stuff that happened while I was weblogging just the stuffs...


Your nanowrimo’ing has been pretty consistent, nice! That’s a great effort. That little break has helped too I see.

That image was pretty nifty, I’m sure you could think of many fantasy stories. Time to go nadewrimo, najawrimo, nafewrimo, etc? ;)

Also.. Second Life still exists? 👀

:) Tyty
Second Life does indeed still exist, as well as the open source version, OpenSim. They are both still pretty awesome in fact, with the same base of I dunno a few tens of thousands of weirdos that’ve always been there. RL has kept we away a lot in recent years, but now (now that I can’t haha) I very much want to spend time there again.

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