Ohh wow. This is great.

I was only trying the old way from Megalodon and Trunks.
QT: qoto.org/@trinsec/110786278507

Trinsec @Qoto  
@shibaprasad Just curious if Megalodon doesn't have a quote-toot function. Because having to click through to open the post is kind of annoying, he...

@shibaprasad Quote-toot also doesn't mention the person who got quoted. It's not good as a general reply function (You'd have to add a @ mention to me there to notify me, I just happened to look at the local timeline and spotted this).

It's to put other toots in the spotlight that you also wanted to add a comment about, just like you've done with your previous toots.
It also breaks threaded replies because of this, so you know. :)

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