I found myself this afternoon with an unexpected fifteen minutes to spare, wearing my earbuds and listening to my favourite podcasts, next to a huge department store with blissful AC, and with a Starbucks right at the entrance. I even nailed the perfect order (espresso macchiato with a little extra hot milk, only €1.90).

It felt like a luxurious holiday in Maldives. Such is my routine these days. 🤣

Wow, a macchiato for 1.90€ is very expensive!
Was it in Spain?
Here I'm getting espresso for 1€

Despite this little detail... I'm happy you enjoyed your good time!

@rastinza I agree it is expensive in absolute terms. In many regular bars and cafés in Spain you would pay little more than €1 for an espresso or a macchiato. But Starbucks is always expensive, and I’m used to seeing “coffee” there for €3, €4 or even more… Thanks for those kind words :)

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