By way of , I am professor of at the University of (), .

I studied and did a PhD in on . But these days my main research interest is , and of digital humanities.

Current research project (funded by @snsf_ch): Towards Computational Historiographical Modeling: Corpora and Concepts (


Hi, great to meet you. While not the same I have worked with Natural Language Processing a lot, we might have some things to talk about. Either way I have no doubt you will make a great addition to the group.

I look forward to reading your posts. Feel free to reach out anytime if you want to chat or have any questions.


@freemo Thanks for the friendly welcome!

Speaking of , I published a book on Natural Language Processing for Historical Texts back in 2012, when I worked for the Swiss Law Sources Foundation.

@true_mxp That sounds like a very niche and very cool book. I actually collect old texts (pre-1800s mostly) and do my rather limited attempt at reading them... so that would be a book I'd check out for sure.

@freemo It’s in need of an update, tho. Shortly afterwards, machine learning changed everything. and even of historical texts are almost “solved problems” today.

@true_mxp Not like I'd be reading it for any actual need. It would be purely out of curiosity.

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