Before and after ;-)

Of course you can’t see that I replaced the switches, but I also used the opportunity to change the layout—the <> key on the right side was more irritating than expected…

Keycaps are DSS Late Harvest.

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First impression: The Bling Yellow switches are quite nice. They’re noticeably lighter (nominally 30 g) than the 42 g TTC Wild I had on this board before, and I think one can feel that they have (a bit) less travel.

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@true_mxp Auf dem ersten Blick sah das wie Ferrero Rocher Schokoladen aus 😋. Als ich näher zoomte, war ich dann enttäuscht 😂.

@true_mxp Noice.
Don't forget to post the finished result... and maybe a typing test because I'm curious on how clacky those housings get.

@Zezin I will in a second… A typing test is a bit difficult at the moment, but I’ll try to remember ;-)

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