Unlike , “ is Free Software and not owned by anyone. I say that not as a true believing ideologue but as someone who’s been around long enough to know how operates and to not trust them or their intentions. I worry that Microsoft will eventually revert to type and pull the rug out from under VS Code users.”

I fully agree. I’d even say it’s absolutely certain that Microsoft will at some point lock people in. For example, why is code plain text and can be edited with any text editor? Microsoft will certainly change this at some point: if you want to use the cool new AI features, you’ll have to store your code in a proprietary format in the Microsoft cloud. Maybe you’ll be able to export it, but only one file at a time, and through a Web interface that crashes after three files.

Update on my experiences with and : after a lot of experimentation, it turned out that the problem of unsynced messages occurred with messages above a certain size. Apparently DavMail behaves in a way that differs from other servers and that mbsync doesn’t handle well.

I’ve massively increased the size of buf in src/socket.h (from 100000 to 5000000), and this seems to have solved the problem. The real problem is probably in the protocol handling, but this is at least a workaround that allows me to continue reading mail with in .

I found the problem discussed together with this similar, but probably unrelated issue:


According to the discussion, the culprit is , and the problem should go away with a newer version. I’ve just updated poppler to 23.01.0, we’ll see how it goes…

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This is not a new problem, but I still haven’t figured out what is happening here: after a couple of refreshs, garbles the display. Restarting epdfinfo fixes it, so I guess that’s where the problem is, but as I’ve never seen this problem mentioned, I wonder whether it’s maybe a problem with my build rather than with epdfinfo…

Anybody else seeing this?

turns off Basic authentication for , and you have to use . It’s not exactly straightforward, but there are open source solutions (see, e.g., reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/jr), which in theory allow you to continue using for mail.

But! This requires that you have access to the registration app to obtain OAuth2 secrets. But I don’t—so I guess I’m hosed!?

I’d rather use a fax than that junk 🤮

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