“Some Windows 10 features aren’t available in Windows 11.” Wow, sounds great!

A while ago I bought an Intel NUC, so I could update the firmware of a , I’m not using it for anything else. What do the users say, is it safe to to ?

Going through my reading list, I found a nice one that @bwyble had posted to Twitter in 2018…

Replaced the TTC Wild 42 g switches with Gateron Whites—except for one, since they came in packs of 35…

This is not a new problem, but I still haven’t figured out what is happening here: after a couple of refreshs, garbles the display. Restarting epdfinfo fixes it, so I guess that’s where the problem is, but as I’ve never seen this problem mentioned, I wonder whether it’s maybe a problem with my build rather than with epdfinfo…

Anybody else seeing this?

I just received an inquiry about Malaga, a software package for the
development and application of so-called Left-Associative Grammars (LAG), developed at the University of Erlangen in the 1990s.


I had the nagging feeling that something was off, but I couldn’t put my finger on it (pun not intended).

ist schon erstaunlich relevant (Summa technologiae [1964] 1981, s. 66).

The first test flight took us to Ursus minor. Alien life form is remarkably similar to the terrestrial Ursus arctos, except for size. Friendly, but hungry.

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Things are going well, the robot brought a round of coffee for the astronauts and the engineers.

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I just realized that exactly seven months ago I already had students experiment with and critically evaluate their output.

It just occurred to me that instead of buying a radiator I could have brought my HP 9000 C200 . It probably heats just as well… (Downside: it’s loud, like, really loud.)

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