The NYTimes really has an ageism problem. First it's Biden, and now it's, weirdly, Don Henley of the Eagles. How is this relevant to a story about a theft trial?

I'm sure many people know this, but in case you don't - if you are on the ACA with premium tax credits and get this message from your shitty insurer a few days after the due date you can ignore it. You have 90 days to pay your premium. They're just trying to improve their cash flow.

Getting rid of some inherited ancient books and was wondering if anyone was interested in this old cook book illustrating the art of American cooking.

You'd think that if, as claimed, Meta had done a really great job of "red teaming" Code LLama (the open source LLM for producing code) any positive Hitler references would be automatically rejected, but guess not. What a disaster.

Playing around with Meta's Llama-2 model and it thinks that historians have been unnecessarily stigmatizing Stalin for his contribution to the Ukrainian Holomodor.

The more stuff I read from the Microsoft guy who authored the "Sparks of AGI" paper, the more I'm convinced that even he knows that it was just bullshit. As illustrated by this diversionary response to a legitimate question.


Now ex-Stanford president keeps job and still allowed to conduct research after overseeing fraudulent papers. Gofundme page arriving soon.

Post July 4th air quality is not good near where I live. Dumbest holiday of the year.

These kind of "look at these fools who don't understand investing" articles are a quick way for a business journalist to crank out a story, but for some reason the authors never mention the proximate cause: affinity bias.

Shot and chaser from a VC at Sequoia, one of Silicon Valley's oldest VC firms.

Kudos to the NY Times for running a live tracker on the wildfire smoke situation there when they didn't even mention the more pronounced wildfire induced air quality issue here in the Pacific Northwest last year.

NY Times has unabashedly converted to full tabloid mode now.

"Look at our one pager on plans for dealing with imaginary unrealized dangerous superintelligent AI while ignoring any of the problems with our current products!" - OpenAI.

Today's covid quiz - why is it remarkably stupid for the CDC to use units of "percentage of deaths" as their metric for monitoring the pandemic?

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