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The latest version of Bard that Google announced at Google I/O thinks that you should suspend judgement on whether or not Trump sexually assaulted E. Jean Carroll.

Just cancelled my NYTimes subscription. On the verge for a long time, but this put me over the edge.

Sigh. This New Yorker article confuses life expectancy with the age most people die. Interestingly, in the print edition it says "most Americans died" while the online version has "many Americans died" in their mid-fifties so they got the message from somewhere but still got the big picture wrong.

NYTimes headline in next big recession: "Massive layoffs boost US economy"

Trying to suspend judgement on Bluesky after signing up a few hours ago, but already getting some bot-ish followers that I haven't seen on my six months on Mastodon.

NYTimes repeating Elon's company line of a rocket explosion as a success. US media 2023.

@ct_bergstrom Here's another alleged example of common sense reasoning that fails if it just tweak it a bit. Shot:

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Today's "what could possibly go wrong" quiz comes from one of the items in today's NYTimes' AI puff piece ("35 Ways Real People Are Using A.I. Right Now").

@ct_bergstrom And if you just switch it up a bit (substitute cow for fox) it gives an incorrect answer (since it leaves the cow alone with the corn). There are other examples of this you can discover for yourself if you plan with the examples in the appendix.

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@ct_bergstrom I think the answer is clear. If you ask GPT4 how it arrived at the correct answer, it happily tells you that it's already familiar with the puzzle. 4/

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Here's another query : ""Akira came directly, breaking all tradition. Was that it? Had he followed form-had he asked his mother"

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Even more troubling is the fact that Eric Topol, one of the corresponding authors on the paper, didn't declare any competing interests for the paper when he's a scientific advisor for a AI based precision medicine company.

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My first test of GPT-4. Despite the hype, not exactly a math genius.

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