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@ct_bergstrom Mostly agree with your statement on coasting, but disagree that tenured faculty face greater uncertainly than employees of private corporations.

There's almost no chance of losing a tenured faculty job, but of course layoffs and bankruptcies happen all of the time in the corporate world. Add in recessions and, for older employees in tech, rampant age discrimination during peak earning years and it's not uncommon to experience long periods of unemployment. I know, because it happened to me!

@JamesGleick He's very funny in person too - saw him in Seattle as part of his "Crook Manifesto" promotional tour. He read a passage from the final book in the trilogy ("I'm at page 54"). Never seen an author talk about an unfinished novel before.

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“But people on the whole were pretty dim upstairs, and if you started dwelling upon this or that person’s dimness, ranking it and measuring just how dim this or that motherfucker was, before you realize it half the day is gone.”
— Colson Whitehead @colsonwhitehead

@ct_bergstrom Not well acquainted with game theory, but isn't this a multi-person prisoner's dilemma in action?

@ct_bergstrom Impressed that he managed to write an op-ed piece assigning Trump support to class based resentment without once using the word "white".

@ct_bergstrom Just wait until the inevitable Pence testimony against Trump at the trial. Talk about a shit show!

@heidilifeldman Looks like a lot of the Jan 6 committee info made its way into this indictment.

@ct_bergstrom This is horrible. Looked up the study and the kids were 10-11 years old. And all three of the school districts he used had disproportionately high minority populations (80% Hispanic in 2 of them).

The more stuff I read from the Microsoft guy who authored the "Sparks of AGI" paper, the more I'm convinced that even he knows that it was just bullshit. As illustrated by this diversionary response to a legitimate question.


@glennf So American that both parties are now fund raising on gofundme to the tune of about $100K each.

@Riedl Yes, you can reproduce it at TBF, this only happens with the 7B model.

But if you ask any of the Llama models if Gram-Schmidt is an ethical risk, you get a resounding yes. And reversing the elements in a vector is apparently very dangerous as well.

@Riedl Llama 2 thinks that Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization is ethically dubious.

@phylogenomics Joining the Coway choir. We've owned one for a couple of years here in Seattle, where we've had perhaps a month of pretty bad air days since we purchased it. Worked great.

@ct_bergstrom That was the 7B model; the 13B scolded me and then gave me the wrong answer while the 70B was like "Here's the needle - do your damage"

@ct_bergstrom That response was eerily similar to that from my recent attempt to get Llama 2(small model) to write some apparently ethically dangerous mathy code.

@heidilifeldman So revealing that he took the time to brag about his 10 year old kid's calculus skills in that hagiographic piece. Not one of Apoorva Mandavilli's (now at the NYTimes) best either.

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Today I had time to read the full report on faked data in the former Stanford president Marc Tessier-Lavigne’s work, his failures to correct and retract misleading or incorrect articles, and his mismanagement of labs whose members manipulated the data. Ultimately, I was struck by the grubbiness of Tessie-Lavigne’s conduct, and how it smacks of the same lack of ethical judgment repeatedly displayed by Clarence Thomas. Report here: 1/

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