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@ct_bergstrom Curious what command you gave it to review the text.

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It's stupid to think ADL is responsible for Twitter ad revenue collapsing, but to blame ADL for both that and the rise of anti-Semitism on the platform is -- worse than stupid.

@Dogzilla @ct_bergstrom We care beyond Twitter because Musk is the richest guy in the world and that gives him an outsized amount of power.


Nothing like coercing paying students into unpaid research work to guarantee maximum human effort in a humans vs AI study.

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Getting rid of some inherited ancient books and was wondering if anyone was interested in this old cook book illustrating the art of American cooking.

You'd think that if, as claimed, Meta had done a really great job of "red teaming" Code LLama (the open source LLM for producing code) any positive Hitler references would be automatically rejected, but guess not. What a disaster.

@ct_bergstrom It would be too perfect if someone converted some of those papers to NFTs.

Nature red in tooth and claw 

@ct_bergstrom That's such a great shot! Except for that poor bird, of course.

@ct_bergstrom I did a double take when I saw that one of the "nemesis birds" was a varied thrush! Even I've seen one, and I'm not exactly an avid (or competent) birder.

Do you have one?

Playing around with Meta's Llama-2 model and it thinks that historians have been unnecessarily stigmatizing Stalin for his contribution to the Ukrainian Holomodor.

@cdnveggie Weird how urbanists ignore the fact that bicycles are the most dangerous mode of transportation in the bike paradise of the Netherlands.

@thedansimonson @paulgowder Nothing more bracing than a wheelchair ride to the El in the middle of winter. Or waiting for a bus. I know, they should just ride a bike, right?

@thedansimonson @paulgowder That works especially well for the disabled and/or elderly.

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Viome, a microbiome startup, raises $86.5M, inks distribution deal with CVS

Which quotes me a bit. Needless to say, I am very skeptical of Viome and many of its claims.

@philipncohen Really enjoyed the in-depth causal analysis of happiness survey data in the Peltzmann paper Brooks cited. Should be taught in every causal inference class.

Was unfamiliar with Nowak, but turns out he received money from two pedophiles - Epstein and Schrodinger (a postdoc scholarship from his foundation/estate). No blame for the latter, of course, but what a world.

Might want to reconsider framing a disaster caused by a CEO's arrogance, hubris and greed as "controversial" in your next piece on OceanGate.

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