I’m quite allergic to cats, but here’s a picture of a white tiger it took at the Miami Zoo a decade or so ago.

It got down to 25 degrees (-4 in non-freedom units) in Montgomery AL last night. It was 29 by the time we went outside, but Ripley seems to have taken it in stride.

Afternoon tea: Earl Grey with honey paired with a stroopwafel.

@freemo we’d also need more granular data. The rise of the Gram coincided with the teen years for most of the 20 somethings. My guess is that a disproportionate amount of the 26-40 group are in their mid to late 30s.

@freemo near 85 percent of the users in that poll are between 26 and 60. The 41-60 group covers the widest range of expected ages, 26-40 contains 25% fewer possible ages, so it’s not surprising that it’s a bit smaller. That being said, it wouldn’t surprise me if the bird site also has an aging demographic. The kids today have their own preferences for social media.

@Mastodon whoever is maintaining the iOS app has a missing translation. This one is related to a poll ending.

@starbuxman @java I wish! Current client is riding JDK 8 until the bitter end.

Apparently my office is a good place to nap this afternoon.

Apparently I missed so here’s a picture of Ripley at Montgomery’s Pride a couple weeks ago. (Better late than never)

@freemo I’m here because of, I was never very active on Twitter but I can’t continue to be the source of this fool’s ad revenue. techcrunch.com/2022/11/04/elon

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