Seems the exodus from twitter is accelerating rather than slowing down. Last 24 hours has been the largest influx so far!

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18,848 accounts +16 in the last hour +337 in the last day +1,225 in the last week

@freemo I’m here because of, I was never very active on Twitter but I can’t continue to be the source of this fool’s ad revenue.

@unamanic I was never a twitter fan even before Musk. I'm kinda neutral to musk specifically.

@FailForward @freemo @unamanic Yes. I've been looking forward to this since April.
It's only been a week, but it feels like a month, and yet I am giddy with excitement and laughing rather than wanting the experience to end. In short, watching Twitter die makes me feel like I'm a child again!

@mathlover Nah, I don't think it's going to die. The guy will just mess up badly, harm will be done left and right, then the reins will be given to an adult, they'll steady the ship and somehow get out of the pit. Same as happened with Uber couple of years back when their CEO threw himself into a tantrum. Either way, 🍿 .

@freemo @unamanic


I dunno, he has been a little wild for a while and has remained in control of Tesla...

@mathlover @unamanic

@freemo yes, that may be another way out of this: he'll try a, b, c, ...up to n or so, along the way (on his own failures) he'll painfully discover that the company is as it was a week ago not because of sheer incompetence, but for a good reason, he'll learn what he bought himself into and finally will get to senses and navigate out of the pit. We'll see.

But for now, him throwing tantrums about advertisers and them showing him a middle finger is not too dissimilar to when a month ago the British prime minister tried to steer hardly in a direction and then the harsh reality of the markets caught up with her.

Anyway, a lot to learn while observing this.

@mathlover @unamanic

@unamanic @freemo I never felt very comfortable participating in Twitter. I read it, because some people produced good content, but I didn't want to contribute to it because overall it seemed anti-social.

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