hmm. to pay a deposit for housing I need a bank account. to open a bank account a residence permit is required. for a residence permit a registration at some place is required. to get a place to live I need .. oh, here we go again.

Does everyone bring their deposit in cash when they rent their first room in Germany? I am a bit uneasy about the perspective of running with 1.5 monthly salary around..

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There is vivid, but webid registration is screwed: I waited six hours to get it terminated 30 seconds before it'll finish.
There is bunq: a residence permit required for some countries
There is n26: same.
There is revolut: probably same, but I'll check again.
There is wise: russian passport? gtfo.

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local sparkasse: welcome! (just don't transfer money from Russia)

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Registering your residence at the house of a friend is impossible?

@rastinza no, unfortunately, the only address I have is the address of the institute where I will work and I doubt they would allow registering there.

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