I have been confusing some people with my bouncing all around various linux topics lately so let me explain my mindset. I like free software, not just free of money but freedom to customize. I love customization and making things work and look how I want them to. I like to tinker and learn. I have heard some call it "hacking on" this or that.

Linux also matches how my brain works in a lot of ways. lots of tangents to veer off and gopher holes for fall down lol. Which reminds me.. if there a fediverse version of something like github or gitlab?

@LittleWytch There's Gitea, which is open source. Git is already *distributed* so making it merely *federated* doesn't have a lot of upside.


@khird @LittleWytch Git itself is distributed, but open source repositories are mostly centralized at Github. Imagine multiple fedi instances where forks can be done between them. You can communicate issues. Send merge requests. Use your account to create repositories at other instances. For example school and personal instance (i dont know if this is possible). I know this is an utopian scenario, but still an interesting idea nonetheless.

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