Is it just me or the Mastodon “advanced web interface” don’t show the notifications status like the normal interface does?

@voidabyss on the advanced interface the notifications just show up at the top of the column instead.

@freemo I get that, obviously not a huge deal, I don’t pin the notification column, so a number indicator on top of the bell would be very helpful. Thanks!


@voidabyss @freemo @SpaceLifeForm yes. The notification bell icon really needs to show if there are any new notifications. I hear a alert noise and I'm not sure what it's from. I'll close the notification column to save space. I have other columns open and need to horizontal scroll the Mastodon UI a lot.

@ianp5a @voidabyss @freemo

I believe there is some kind of delivery race condition.

Many times I have heard the toot, but nothing new showed up immediately.

It may depend upon your timezone and the phase of the moon. ;-)

@SpaceLifeForm @freemo @ianp5a

Do you have the same issue and you don’t use web interface?
Is it a issue?

@voidabyss @freemo @ianp5a

I may be a combination of delays and you how you access. I use FF, and the Advanced Web Interface served by my home instance ( which is Glitch-soc. On desktop. If I use FF on mobile, it is not the same (it cannot due to lack of screen space).

@voidabyss @freemo


Depends on which instance you are on. Is it running the base Mastodon code, or is it a fork like Glitch? Also, your client software may be a factor.

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