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As Twitter Ejaculates Over the Pep Rally given by Former President Obama at the University of Illinois, this happened...

@rks There are right leaning servers and left leaning. The left tends to block the right, the right blocks no one. QOTO has a pretty healthy mix of left and right.

Sorry for being such a Google fanboy, but the new Beta of Chrome Remote Desktop is awesome!

I use a Chromebook for mobile and Ubuntu for home desktop and need to develop on Windows LabVIEW during the semester.

It's like I'm sitting at my Office computer without the 1-hr commute. Awesome! =]

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Hi, All,

I have genuinely high hopes for a productive conversation here on QOTO.

Putting aside the base hatred of things that are different (e.g., I hate President Obama because he has Black Skin; I hate President Trump because he has Orange Skin; I hate President Clinton because he is a Cisgendered horndog; I hate President Trump because he is a Cisgendered horndog...)

Is there a basis for all of the personality bashing other than the Left hates the Right and the Right hates the Left?

Is it naive to advocate for a Political Process that discusses policy affecting those being represented or do we simply invent technology that permits policy to be decided by determining who shouts the loudest?

Hi, Folks!

I am a tenured Associate Professor at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA, USA. I have my B.S. Degree with a Double Major in Chemistry and Physics and my Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry with specialties in Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy, Instrument Design, and Automation Software Development. I teach in an interdisciplinary undergraduate program called Integrated Science, Business, and Technology in which our students study the process of developing scientific discoveries into new products and services using collaborative business practices. I develop and teach courses in Energy, Materials, and Informatics, and have personal research interests in Robotics and Machine Intelligence.

After joining Facebook as soon as La Salle was added to the Facebook servers in 2005 and Joining Twitter in 2007, I created the Facebook and Twitter accounts for the University as I was unable to convince our IT department that it was important for the University to have a presence on social media.

After openly sharing my personal Political positions as a Constitutional Conservative and my support of Donald Trump, the backlash on Facebook and Twitter was so severe that I no longer use those networks.

As a Conservative Academic, I understand and deeply experience what it means to be a minority. I'm giving Mastadon a spin in search of respectful conversation.

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