@phyu I've been wrangling with the same thought.

The Member Only posts are similar to the Blue-Check verified accounts on Twitter.

I get the impression that Medium is evolving into a Long-form Twitter.

Maybe that is the normal evolution of social...

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If you casually look for the central theme of all of the courses I teach from freshman through senior, it is Collaboration among Team Members. All the skills and facts of the subjects are just color commentary.

And we have schools that launch their education with segregation. These kids are screwed, and by consequence, so are the companies that hire them.

... Leaving the Government to swoop in and save them in the near future.

Not a Conspiracy, but a Tactic.

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I'm not sure how we rationalize two separate realities. Interesting times, indeed...

Fox News: Obama tries to demonize Trump voters, following Hillary's losing strategy.

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As Twitter Ejaculates Over the Pep Rally given by Former President Obama at the University of Illinois, this happened...


@rks There are right leaning servers and left leaning. The left tends to block the right, the right blocks no one. QOTO has a pretty healthy mix of left and right.


The "Blue Checkmark Filter" is one of the best inventions ever.

If the top two or three posts on a divisive thread have a blue checkmark, I immediately know it is propaganda.

For all of those "fake news filter" startups, you only need to create an app that can see the color blue.

Sorry for being such a Google fanboy, but the new Beta of Chrome Remote Desktop is awesome!

I use a Chromebook for mobile and Ubuntu for home desktop and need to develop on Windows LabVIEW during the semester.

It's like I'm sitting at my Office computer without the 1-hr commute. Awesome! =]


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@peterdrake @SecondJon @AnonByNature

*Child-Separation Policy* - something that should be vigorously debated. But I don't think this policy was enforced out of personal racism of the President.

Progressive: Lots of Rules, Lots of Exceptions

Conservative: Few Rules, Few Exceptions

Progressive: There should be executive-level exceptions for the unintended consequences of bad law

Conservative: There should be legislative-level corrections to the bad law to remove unintended consequences

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@SecondJon @peterdrake

I totally agree with your assessment in your third bullet point:

"Enrage your Opponent so they react emotionally, not logically, and the opportunities for a win increase"

Sort of like hustling a game of pool -- "I don't even know which side of the stick to hold. But I do know that I am the greatest and your Mama is ugly. How much to you want to wager?

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@SecondJon @AnonByNature


Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

I will accept your assessments of "majestically narcissistic, obscenely greedy, blatantly racist, and a pathological liar" at face value.

My question: Do you think these objectively vile human traits are being celebrated and amplified throughout the Trump Administration and converted into Policy (as they would during an Imperial Autocratic system of government)?

It is my honest belief that the outrageous buffoonery of President Trump is red meat to occupy his detractors while his pro-business, pro-individual, pro-rule of law administration executes a course correction from the Progressivism of previous administrations.


Common ground. Often very rare. (rarely observed, even though it nearly always exists) =]

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Thanks for the kudos and a great community!

I am receiving awesome, productive responses to this post.

Being a newbie, is there a prefered method for continuing the conversation as a thread, or should I respond to each poster individually?

Thanks! =]

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Hi, All,

I have genuinely high hopes for a productive conversation here on QOTO.

Putting aside the base hatred of things that are different (e.g., I hate President Obama because he has Black Skin; I hate President Trump because he has Orange Skin; I hate President Clinton because he is a Cisgendered horndog; I hate President Trump because he is a Cisgendered horndog...)

Is there a basis for all of the personality bashing other than the Left hates the Right and the Right hates the Left?

Is it naive to advocate for a Political Process that discusses policy affecting those being represented or do we simply invent technology that permits policy to be decided by determining who shouts the loudest?


Probably the best lesson about nature that these kids learned from this activity. (Star Wars: There is always a bigger fish.)


@realmattseymour @ainmosni@octodon.social

Agreed. With 2018 technology, I think Jones should host himself, which is what I think he is doing with his websites and streams.

If anything, the Twitter controversy has increased his audience...

@trayofbees @freemo

Thanks! Great advice!

I have noticed that the network automatically labels and hides Political posts when I use certain keywords. Is this a feature?

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