@England I can't seem to follow you from my account that I want to, @worldsendless. Maybe is blocking

@bonqo Are you the same as England? Mr AI let me add them normally, on this (my techy) account. But I want another account to follow England.

@rommudoh @worldsendless Ah. I was afraid of that. I re-iterate @freemo that blocking whole servers is heavy-handed and bad practice...

Thanks for looking it up.

@worldsendless @rommudoh @worldsendless

Sorrya bout my reply, thought you were talking about qoto for a second there... carry on.

@worldsendless @England @worldsendless Oh you are trying to follow two accounts as i use this one?

Yeah, your account (this) looked good for tech following, which is what I emphasize with my qoto account. I wanted to follow England on my non-tech one.

@England @worldsendless

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