I am beginning to think that my client setup is too good. For me, writing, reading, and searching email is easier and more pleasant than or any other messaging platform, and I forget that not everyone has such a positive experience with it. I get baffled when people express email fatigue rather than anything else fatigue.

@worldsendless OK, I'll bite. What client, and what's unique about how it's configured?

@Joel I'm a "do everything in " guy, so my mail is via , , , , and integration with todo items. So, it took me a while to get my email setup configured, but now it fits like a glove. As I write this on Mastodon, I am one key chord away from creating (C-x m) or checking my email (f9) or searching my email (s-m) or searching my contacts (C-c b b).

@worldsendless @Joel similar here with mu4e. Deleting email by holding d as I scan subjects as they fly by is a great feeling. Oh, there's one I want to respond to, capture to org author response often leveraging Babel, org-mime-htmlize-subtree C-c to send. Oh did I need to make a jira ticket from some of that? Select the text export to jira, org-jira-create-issue, paste. Boom, done.

@worldsendless @Joel Do you have a solution for composing and confirming invitation emails as well?

@publicvoit @Joel confirming just works; I click "accept" and it does its thing and sends the response. Composing them is not something I've ever done in any client, so I can't speak to that.

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