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Hello everyone!

I'm a recent arrival, still figuring things out, but seems delightful so far!

About me:
* Electrical engineer (chiphead) by training.
* Software architect/dev-herder (of late) by vocation.
* Computational quantum chemist by avocation.
* Tool-builder by compulsion.

Designed chips, joined/lead a few startups, VC wannabe for awhile. Then the wavefunction collapsed.

ADHD sufferer/beneficiary.
Burner (the Man).
Kitten foster Dad.

I learn differently than others.

I want to create a factually accurate RPG. It would still be filled with wizards, its just that their magic doesnt actually do anything but they are all too stupid to realize magic isnt real. So your fighters are left to fight all the battles alone while the wizards pretend to cast spells but are completely useless.

@freemo also with wizards and such! :blobwizard:

Twitter has suspended every single API key not belonging to a Twitter Blue subscriber.

Every. Single. Key. 9to5Mac’s? Dead. Apple’s for iMessage previews? Dead.

Every single API key has been revoked. The Twitter API is officially dead.

I'm laughing at memes about billionaires who can't pull themselves up to the surface by their own bootstraps, but in reality I'm furious.

I'm furious I was accused of human smuggling by FRONTEX (European border agency) for being part of a sea rescue operation that saved 1000+ lives of refugees fleeing war & terrorism.

I'm furious at the money and international effort being spent to rescue these billionaires when operations like ours cost so little and save so many lives, but are punished.

happy summer solstice
for folks in the northern hemisphere.

˙ǝɹǝɥdsıɯǝɥ uɹǝɥʇnos ǝɥʇ uı sʞןoɟ ɹoɟ
ǝɔıʇsןos ɹǝʇuıʍ ʎddɐɥ

On the face of it, Justice Alito is guilty of bribery. These are his defenses:
1) Although I accepted something of value to ME, it hardly cost the billionaire anything at all.
2) Although I then ruled in favor of the billionaire at the Supreme Court, I didn’t realize the billionaire was involved.
3) I am personally incorruptible. Anyone who knows me knows that I would never sell my vote.


Folks, get off Twitter. I don’t care where you go, be it Bluesky or the Fediverse, but leave Twitter.

Your continued involvement on Twitter supports this.

Marci Simmons can’t have a checking account, a savings account, or a credit or debit card. And she’s required to work. If she helps her grandmother with Alzheimer's buy something, she might go to jail.

She's just one of 437,000 people on parole or probation in #Texas, often struggling under near-impossible release conditions and faulty GPS hardware, reports Michelle Pitcher:

#news #HumanRights #CriminalJustice #tech #law #USpol #politics #Prison #incarceration

As part of the merger, the PGA will control holes 1-8 and 12-18.

The Saudis do 9-11.

Key supporter of Texas school chaplain bill has pushed for evangelism in schools (Me: The Constitution means nothing to some wannabe religious dictators)

Once the Democratic Party concedes "givebacks" to the GOP, surrendering benefits previously agreed to, we will face neverending GOP demands to give up more and more, until all progress and human rights we've earned are reversed. I say, we should never negotiate under the gun, regardless of the threatened consequences. Either we stand for something or we stand for nothing. #debtceilingshowdown

Your periodic reminder. When you have an old draft and a new draft open at the same time. Make the page color of the old draft different so you don't edit the wrong document.
#writing #academia #PILife #Editing

I, for one, disagree with Sen. Tuberville and think that white nationalists are not average Joes who should stay in the military.

First time #3dprinting with trichromatic filament. 3 separate colors bonded together in one filament. Due to the way it flows straight through the hot end the color on the outside, changes based on the direction the nozzle is traveling, changing the color of the object

"Banning drag queens won't work. The only thing that will stop a bad guy in a dress, is a good guy in a dress."

I've been disgusted by the lack of professional solidarity among journalists ever since Musk bought Twitter. As Musk bans journalists one-by-one, their colleagues stay on Twitter, tweeting out their work, hoping that they'll survive the next round.

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