I tried to signup and it wanted a . When I put in my Google Voice number it said, "no virtual numbers allowed." How did it know?? Can I know that?

@icedquinn wait -- so you're telling me it's basically static?

@LouisIngenthron @icedquinn but there is no rhyme or reason, no way that virtual numbers identify themselves?

@worldsendless @LouisIngenthron its possible that there is an area code reserved for virtual numbers.

@icedquinn @worldsendless Probably more than one, yeah. It wouldn't make sense to register a bunch of them with an area code tied to a physical location.

@LouisIngenthron @icedquinn my virtual number which was detected has the same area code as my primary number (which hasn't changed in at least a decade)

@worldsendless @icedquinn Then yeah, it was probably just on some list registry somewhere.

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