@amerika how would you ensure rigorous speech that is open to all? wouldn't you be more restrictive than twitter who allows trivial, irrelevent and uninformative speech as long as it's not 'hateful'?

'hate speech' is replaced by 'lazy speech'

i would agree that this would be useful for a debating platform, but a social network im not so sure.

@amerika the general populations revulsion to 'hate speech' is power that someone can take and use against you. i dont agree with it, but that's reality

@freemo the hate speech doesn't even have to come from a toxic community or real people. this can be an attack any moderated network has over an unmoderated one.


how to kill a free speech social network. flood it with hate speech. lol easy

it may be possible in the future to switch to non-p2p for your peertube livestream for low latency github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube

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30s+ delay peertube livestreaming seems a bit steep, and seems to be a limitation of p2p. streamers on twitch can talk to eachother through their streams because of sub second delay. 10s delay would be tolerable if you are relying on chat interations

are there any peertube livestreams yet

accidently hitting delete then accidently hitting confirm

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had to download an app to save files to the file system on android

@resynth1943 i use ajv. i needed schema stored in json to avoid duplicating schema from server in client. couldn't do this with yup or joi

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