With the Microscopy Conference 2023 approaching, we would like to share ten tips for folks who are going to a conference for the first time.

1) Preparation:
1. Don't worry: A conference can be overwhelming, lots of people, large venue, many parallel sessions. But just observe and experience :)

2. Search the conference agenda for possibilities to connect to other students at Young Scientists events. These can be called student mixers and/or can be organized by the ‘youth association’ of the conference’s parent organization (eg. DGE/yDGE).

3. Look through the program and find out which sessions you definitely don't want to miss.

4. Dress code? It's a scientist's event, but it could be wise to look a bit more professional during your own presentation (sorts of 'smart casual', suits or costumes not needed)

a. If the question really gives you no peace: Check out the photos from past conferences in your field. You can usually get a good feeling on what the ‚dress code consensus‘ is.

5. You will usually walk around a lot: wear comfortable shoes

6. Can happen: venue is overly air-conditioned -> be prepared and bring a sweater or jacket

2) During the conference:
1. Find out where you will get food+beverages (lunchtime lectures, coffee breaks, shops around the venue)

2. Try to connect known names to faces.

3. Poster sessions are especially useful to make contact, and presenters are usually happy if you reach out to them. Simply saying that you're new to the field and asking if they can briefly say what their work is about is OK!

4. Remember: You are not the only first-timer at the conference!

🌐 📝

In addition, we would like to advertise our yDGE Symposium:

It will take place on 28/02/2023 from 18:15 until 20:15 in the Vanadium room.

Right after, we will also host a Social Networking Session. We are very much looking forward to connect with you in person in Darmstadt.

Do you have additional tips for conference newcomers? Please share them below!

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