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Computer Pol, Sex 

I'm tremendously disappointed to learn that any sort if sexual expression is prohibited by VRChat's terms of service. 😕 I can't help but feel like society is moving backwards on this. Sexual expression is not deviant, it is an inevitability and well within the realm of both typical and healthy human expression.

Open platforms are vital to prevent the arbitrary restriction of the most basic ways in which we interact.

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New year, new rights.

Here's everything you need to know about the California Consumer Privacy Act. #CCPA

t.co/JaWuYOVNXA tweeted by @Firefox

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We look forward to a clean slate, a new start, to begin again. A new year provides us with just that—a perfect excuse.

So don't be the annoying person who says things like "you know it's just another day, right?"

Let people enjoy things.

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what's the path from publishing trans and queer fanfic or webfic to getting paid for all the freaking work that goes into that? cuz they deserve it

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Thanks for the link @Bells

Beautiful photos. Nice to see different looks, and how feminine and attractive women can be without sticking to the usual big breast, etc main stream model.



RT from todon.nl/@Bells/10339051396147

My life's changing so much. I wish I never grew older.:eyeroll:

@Solelytuned@mastodon.social looks yum!

@hansw@mastodon.social yeah that might be a reason. I started building it in Angular. And I think I can build a pretty good plarform.

@hansw@mastodon.social true! I guess it differs from organisation to organisation.

@hansw@mastodon.social let's see. I am just an intern so my suggestions don't matter much

@hansw@mastodon.social Go explain my boss, he doesn't like the old wheel.:_stars: :ablobcool:

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