Am I the only one who ever thinks about countering g-forces by allowing a pilot to be submersed in liquid instead with neutral boyancy. This would completely eliminate passing out from g-forces at any acceleration factor.

Though of course it would be complicated so I understand why it isnt done. You would need a complicated system to maintain pressure in the tank so it wont fluctuate quickly. But since g-forces are usually transient if done correctly decompression might not be a big issue


@freemo hmm are you thinking planes here or would this also work on space flight ?

@zleapin theory either could work. In practice im not sure if it would be practical in either situation. Simply because im not sure it would be practical on a plane, despite it being more useful.. Are getting higher g-forces even important to space flight. Seems we can do most of our acceleration slowly on a space craft. Though would be much easier to implement on a space ship.

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