Trying to promote Mastodon, and taking some inspiration from mainstream social media.

A lot of companies / businesses / people have something like

"find us on Facebook, then the Fb Logo we need something similar on here.

So rather than having Find us on Mastodon, perhaps we should use Locate is on Mastodon. followed by that users fed id type thing.

We need to be similar but not the same if that makes sense.

@zleap it's difficult because you don't want to advertise one particular software when it's simply "out there" fair anyone anywhere. However, nobody knows what's a fediverse so that isn't helpful either...

@piggo Indeed, I am trying to find a way or come up with something that addresses that

one of the big things on mainstream is FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out. What sort of needs to happen here is people need to perhaps be made to feel they are missing out on something (which in a way they are)

I have a 2nd idea which I will also post about.


@piggo If we can make people curious about one aspect of fedi, they may go further. so Mastodon may lead them to peertube for example either through asking about posting videos or seeing an embedded peertube video.

@zleap that's fair, actually I learned of it from a tech journalist on Twitter when mastodon came out, and here I am now. It's better than overwhelming people with too abstract ideas

@piggo @zleap Maybe the problem is branding:

  1. world: Mastodon is good
  2. me: Masto what? Where?
  3. me: aha, Mastodon, whatever
  4. world: Fediverse!
  5. me: Masto vs. Fediverse vs. XYZ?!? WTF!?
  6. me: study for 2+ days to grok this sh*t. As a software guy, I tell you 2 days is a lot.

So what do you expect from laymen? No wonder they can’t turn their heads around it.

Perhaps it should go more like this:

  1. world: Fediverse!
  2. person: Fedi what? Where?
  3. person: right, I can be on Fediverse tweets, with blogs, with pics, or videos, whichever I want
  4. right…

I.e., instead of Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, Peertube, etc. which are all confusing, there should be a single brand plastered over all of them with a single name, single brand, single logo. Something like this - you get the idea I hope.

@zleap @piggo I don’t know and honestly don’t care too much. What I am saying is that Fediverse has a problem with the on-boarding experience.

You effectively get a whole new conceptual world dumped on you. Too much friction.

But then again: it’s a filter too. You get to speak mostly to people who passed the test 🙂 . Not that they are somehow nicer bunch, but at certain level there are some commonalities in personalities, I suppose.

@FailForward @piggo

Yeah in a way it is a challenge to sign up so getting past that is like a test of how serious you are about being here.

@zleap How can you be serious about something you don’t even understand?

For me it was exactly the thrill of meeting something I did not understand at the first sight what made me go on. Maybe that’s the filter: it passes people who are attracted by “weird” and “not-easily comprehensible”. But my initial confusion was real.


@FailForward @piggo

I think itis more if people give up before they have even signed up. Once you sign up you get past. You need to want to keep going so you DO sign up and make that first post etc.

@zleap Yeah, that’s right. But then you attract only weirdos who keep going despite feeling that they have no clue and then realize ex-post what it’s all about. No wonder this place is full of technical people and renegades who cannot find a calm place elsewhere 🙂


@FailForward @piggo I agree with @aral idea that things need to be very easy to get started, a single click and form like facebook is.

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