This looks interesting for people who use , or work in sciences

Introducing Overleaf Labs

I don't work for overleaf I just use the platform, and really recommend it.

@zleap I use overleaf a good deal... gonna check this out.


I wonder if we can get them on the Fediverse. There are enough science people here.

@zleap Overleaf themselves? You might want to reach out to them and try, never hurts to ask :)


Just joined the labs programme so that may be a good way to reach them.

@zleap @freemo

I have done that as well. They are very good and open about these new ideas.

@freemo @zleap
Another app we may need to consider

They integrate notebooks with text editor for version control and is an excellent editor. I will see if we can get the developers here and have a discussion. Great tool!

@zleap I've found it very convenient for my current limited usage of LaTeX, not having to keep installing the whole pack in every machine and nice for collaboration.

@rataflechera Yeajh and there is always that one package that isn't installed if done manually.

Plus overleaf take care of the updates. I got upgraded my account near the start of the academic year so can have 10 collaborators, which could be handy.

@zleap Ahh very cool, I love LaTeX but have not tried Overleaf


Makes life a little easier and it can pick up unclosed tags for example.

You can still download projects for offline use, lots of templates which are really useful

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