What that hell is wrong with me I'm so fucking tired for the past 3-5 weeks. I can't fucking do anything. Even vrowsing shit online isntiring af. Anybody here suggests something? Blood work? Sleep study? Amphetamines??? Any chance I can do these without leaving my bed?

@zpartacoos That's it exactly... get out of bed, have a little walk around the neighbourhood, and then you can get back in bed. Repeat every damn day.

@trinsec I think you were right. Went for a walk and feel x4 better. Funnily enough, read this a few minutes ago:

"After years of floundering, I think I'm finally getting it: You get energy by spending it. The fuel tank metaphor is completely misleading. The body supplies energy to meet demand. The tank *expands* if you use a lot of fuel. In other words, biology is fundamentally antifragile. "

@zpartacoos See a doctor in case it's long COVID, depression, or some other illness.

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