So, apparently "sharp" cos similarity can be as good as convolutions but with 10-100x less compute?

Changing a battery and other components is NOT hard... Together we can shift societal norms away from fast moving consumerism that hurts the planet.

Laptop's age-> 5+ yrs

The Computer Chronicles (1993)

it's crazy how little people knew about computers back then compared to now. I'm stunned. Also, screw this guy, he keeps talking over people.

My reaction to watching the SEC suing LBRY but then remembering they're a bunch of idiots that don't understand crypto:

Part #0: Darth Vader voicer changer

Idea: let's see if we can get an SPW2430 working with the RP2040 in pure C to record and playback an altered version of the original sound wave.

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