@be @deavmi Not if you're using pancurses, unfortunately. There are plenty of other examples to show rust isn't immune. It's not that rust is bad, but if you think your code is inherently secure and safe from crashes because it's "memory safe" or "statically typed", then you're gonna learn some hard and painful lessons.

@be @deavmi I've probably dealt with more Java application crashes than any other language over my career.

@trinsec I think you were right. Went for a walk and feel x4 better. Funnily enough, read this a few minutes ago:

"After years of floundering, I think I'm finally getting it: You get energy by spending it. The fuel tank metaphor is completely misleading. The body supplies energy to meet demand. The tank *expands* if you use a lot of fuel. In other words, biology is fundamentally antifragile. "

What that hell is wrong with me I'm so fucking tired for the past 3-5 weeks. I can't fucking do anything. Even vrowsing shit online isntiring af. Anybody here suggests something? Blood work? Sleep study? Amphetamines??? Any chance I can do these without leaving my bed?

@cgranade but I fail to understand what would be the unique aspect of doing this with nushell specifically

@cgranade hmm I wasn't aware of the kernels for bash or PowerShell for Jupiter (only ecvxr, Julia and Python as far as I thought). So, do you mean that in the same way I could fireup some Python on a JP notebook, you'd like to be able to run Rust interactively through nushell? I'm still not sure I understand what you mean. If this is the case, there is already a JP kernel for Rust.

@cgranade hmm what do you mean exactly? If you're exposing your Rust code as a CLI app that should already work with NU, no? Or do you mean like shipping an executable that itself runs nutshell on some emulation layer that your Rust app has?

@mew I think you can just fire away and we'll see if we can answer. Typically using the hashtag is enough.

spent ~6hrs troubleshooting a problem with my Ubuntu upgrade with a looming deadline. Had to jump many abstraction levels to fix this. Feel like I've just completed a major quest on a videogame. Or the computer geek's equivalent of having gone on an adventure to defeat a dragon.

@josias Hi Josias! I used to follow about a year and a half ago when you were on another instance but that account went inactive iirc.


Hi mirabellensaft. Nice to meet you!
Weirdly enough, you're like the 4th person I've seen recently on the fedi who, like me, is into Rust and art.

P.s Ialso do embedded stuff every now and then, currently thinking of using Embassy on the RP2040 for an automated blinds project.


Hello! I am mirabellensaft. I am a non-binary polyamorous embedded #rust developer. I love painting with #watercolor, #urbansketching, #knitting, #chemistry #cooking and general making and tinkering with stuff.

So, I just learned something new. The #fediverse is not just connected #mastodon instances, but actually consists of several different software platforms, all connecting via the same federating protocol! I had seen references to things like #peertube and #nextcloud, but assumed they were different platforms running on different protocols, but it turns out they're all part of the same fediverse, unified by #ActivityPub. Amazing!


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