I have a user interface suggestion for Mastodon.

Currently, the little box where you enter your toot text is on the left side of the screen. This means that the information from that little box goes into your left eye (mostly) and is transferred to the right hemisphere of your brain. The problem is that for most people language processing is in the left hemisphere, which means all that information has to cross the corpus callosum to get to the left side of the brain to get processed. For someone like me with dyslexia that really screws things up and causes me to drop words and makes it very difficult to use.

So my suggestion is to put the little box on the right hand side of the screen or in the middle, or give the user an option as to placement and size of that little box.

That's my suggestion.

(Sometimes I write stuff in a separate window using a word processor and then copy it over to the little box, but that is kind of tedious, especially for short, quick toots.)

@Pat @freemo I just turn my head to the left to use the little box on the left.


>"I just turn my head to the left to use the little box on the left."

I've tried that, but it still doesn't work. Maybe it's because in the brain it sees all of the text on the screen as expanding from the edge of that little box all the way to the far right of the display.

Your eyes are constantly in motion, wiggling around, so it's more complicated than just taking a picture like a camera.

Also, I said the images come in through the left eye mostly, but it's actually that the field of vision of each eye largely overlaps, however, the right half (roughly) of the field of vision of both eyes goes to the left hemisphere while the left field of vision goes to the right hemisphere.

Also, having a very narrow little box to type into contributes to the issue because there are more line breaks with one word at the right of the box and the next word to the left of the box.


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