Retro SciFi Film of the Week…

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

This is one of the better-made films that I've seen in a while. The acting in this film is world class starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt in the lead roles, with Anthony Mackie in the primary supporting role. John Slattery gives a good supporting performance as one the antagonists and character actor Terence Stamp delivers a stunning performance as the evil guy. The writing is very good with regard to the characters and dialogue and there's great chemistry between Damon and Blunt as the romantic couple. Overall it's very well made.

There are not a lot of technology devices shown in this film. In fact almost all of them are shown in this unauthorized trailer attached this toot. One of the issues that people might have with this film is that the technology that is demonstrated in the movie is done in a manner that makes it look like it's magic or supernatural because there aren't devices that are associated with it. (kind of hard to explain without spoilers)

In any case this film requires a little bit more suspension of disbelief than your typical scifi just because of the mode in which it's done.

I highly recommend this one.

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accessible video description:
fade in Emily Blunt's character as a ballet dancer with Matt Damon's character watching her, Terence Stamp’s character walks up and makes a comment to Damon about Blunt, then Damon and Blunt are on a bus flirting, the bus pulls up to a stop and Damon spill some coffee on Blunt's lap, cut to Damon walking into an office where some of the people are frozen in place, there are men in helmets with devices that are scanning the people who are frozen in place, the men look startled by Damon, there's a man in a suit, John Slattery, who orders others to grab Damon, cut to Damon walking through a medium-sized crowd of people to give a speech as a candidate for Senator with the Brooklyn bridge in the background, then Anthony Mackey is sitting in a very large opulent library looking pensive as music plays, he gets up to leave and walks through the large library, then cut to Damon and Mackey talking in a bar, Damon is wearing a baseball cap, Mackey is wearing a suit, then a woman bartender asks them if they need something, then Mackey's character says that they can’t talk there, and to meet him later and he leaves, then Damon and Mackey meet on a boat in the harbor, cut to Damon and Blunt dancing in a large crowded dance club with flashing lights, then cut to two men in suits looking at a book that is displaying animated graphics and looks very high tech, they are talking about inflection points, then Damon and Blunt walk out of a subway onto a city street as tense music plays, they are moving quickly then a quick cut to men in suits busting open a door, then cut back to Damon and Blunt running through the city, Blunt stops running and looks visibly confused and distressed Damon convinces her to keep running, so they continue running and almost get hit by a car but continue running, then fade out and fade in to the movie title The Adjustment Bureau, in a gold typeface.
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**** Content warning: flashing lights ****

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