Which year saw the most deaths from Covid in Canada?

Wear the best mask available
The best mask is an N95



Actually the most effective respirator at a reasonable price is an elastomeric N100 or P100.

95 - >95% efficient at .3u
99 - >99% efficient at .3u
100 - >99.97% efficient at .3u

N = not oil resistant
R = somewhat oil resistant
P = oil resistant


@Pat We don't promote those over N95s because in the community people are wearing and without fit testing, where we have data to show results in >90% fitted filtration efficiency in most.

AFAIK, not known if we get additional gains from N99 or elastomerics without fit testing - let me know if you have a reference on this.

For others reading this, the numbers @Pat is quoting are for the masks tested on a machine, glued to a plate around the edges. Fit testing N95s on people in occupational health and safety protocols require >99% protection as fitted filtration efficiency (ie, fit factor >=100). A large proportion of people will achieve this, particularly with novel designs of like Vitacore's CaN99 and the 3M Aura. Average filtration not-fit-tested is usually reported >90% in lab studies. Studies summarized at maskevidence.org/mask-types

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